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With live TV becoming a standard function on the Xbox live platform cable TV companies are in hot water and will be going under soon.  You already pay them for your internet access you don’t need to pay them for TV as well.  There have almost always been alternative to TV on the internet but none function as nicely as the new Xbox Live TV does.

Cost comparison

Cable TV = about $80 per month

You can get everything Cable offers and more for cheaper on Xbox Live

Xbox Live = $60 per year/12 month = $5 per month

Netflix on Xbox = $5.99 per month (streaming only)

Hulu TV = $8.99 per month

ESPN 1-8 = Free

Live TV = Free (commercial supported)

That means that Xbox cost per month cost is $19.98 per month, even if you throw in the cost of internet at $30 per month you will still be getting all of the feature of your cable TV for just over half the cost. ($49.98 per month) — oh yeah and you get the benefit of being a part of the largest console online gaming community in the world.

Check out the new feature here [These are the New Xbox Live Television Features]

Now I know a lot of people think this series has been over played, but i don’t care I LOVE HALO.  I am super excited to see a new halo game coming out and the HD remastered version of the original halo is a great idea as well.

“Last year’s Halo: Reach might have been the swan song for original franchise creator Bungie, but the famous first-person shooter series has plenty of life left in it.

At their E3 2011 press conference in Los Angeles, Microsoft pulled the wraps off two new Halo endeavors. A short teaser trailer marked the debut of Halo 4. Featuring the return of series staple Master Chief, the new game is due out in holiday 2012:” [Continue the fight: New Halo headed your way ]

Teaser of Halo 4



This brings me back to the days when i had a home and an original Nintendo on my barely color 13 inch TV.

I still have no idea what this guy is talking about though with trying to put all the games in a time line or something.

Doc Brown explains The Legend of Zelda timeline in this epic fan film

Here is his drawn out diagram:

Great artwork though, wish he would have drawn in on my sidewalk.

The lost 5% of their subscriber last quater..That may not seem like a lot but…

The answer really comes down to perspective. While the loss of 600,000 subscribers in one quarter would be catastrophic to virtually any other game, WoW is hardly struggling, as it still has a healthy 11.4 million people paying their monthly fees.

600,000 x $15.00 per month = $9,000,000.00 in lost revenue.