Picture an unshaven disheveled old man yelling to the masses…

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Normally you walk on by and pay no attention, but for some reason this guy catches your eye.  

* **Disclaimer***

This is a fictional character and the blog posts are based in fact, but are opinion related.

The idea came to me for this blog while listening to people talk about the world.  With everything being hyper sensationalized by mass media I felt like every time I tried to learn a bit about the world I was getting bombarded by people trying to sell that their story was the most important or the craziest news.  So I decided to create my blog based on that. Each post is a new sign that this crazy old man would hold up. There are no limits to the topics I will post about and if you have any ideas on things for me to post about please contact me on Google+ here –> Fred Jones

Also I build this blog based on my opinions and the opinions of the people who read it.  So if you see a post from me and have something to say about it, even if it is “you are completely wrong about this topic”, I appreciate any feedback, especially if you can back up your point of view with facts. Please share and re-share anything as well.

  1. Carl says:

    Hi there

    For an update on the “emerald Booty in Court Saga”, check out the latest report by emerald expert Manuel Marcial de Gomar of Emeralds International, LLC, who’s expert analysis was used by Motivation Inc. (aka the Fisher family) who yesterday filed a dismissal in the Florida District Court regarding their claim, based upon the report, which is now a public document. You can view the report at http://www.emeraldsinternational.com. You can also see the latest article published by the Key West Citizen in todays edition at http://www.keysnews.com. Stay tuned.

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