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I remember 7 years ago sitting in VWK with Rob (the Drummer) and thinking about how sweet it would be if he could play music for the rest of his life.  We were looking at to find some new music to listen to. (This was when JamBase was in its infant stage as well.) I remember seeing Phish as the #1 most searched artist and that The String Cheese Incident was #2 and thinking how cool it must be for those guys to be placed next to Phish on this, all things jam band, website. Well today my friends is a special day for Rob and The Werks. Today they are in the #2 spot next to Phish…! I have never been more proud of them.  It is a bright spot in the world to see a group of friends who have worked so long and so hard at what they love to reach this great goal.  To all the members of the band, and to all of their fans….THANK YOU!!!.

Check them out at The Werks and Search for them on JamBase Artists. It would be a real treat to see them make it to #1.


This is a list by Rolling Stone Magazine of the 500 greatest songs of all time…

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The Werks — Game Plan…

Posted: May 31, 2011 in Music

I heard a guy walking buy jamming to this song the other day. IT ROCKS. These guys are welcome to come jam out on my corner any time.

This week The Werks have BLOWN UP on JamBase… On Monday they broke into the top 50most searched artists, yesterday they broke the top 20…And today they are at #5…(come give them some love and lets put them into the top spot) I am very proud of Rob ChafinChris HouserNorman Dimitrouleas and Chuckie Love… Thanks for all the great times guys.

Top Artists on JamBase

Below is a link that leads to a free stream of The Werks live album from last year (The Werks Live At The Werkout Music Festival), and a link to where you can download the album for FREE!

The Werks For Free!!!!