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Freese had the game-tying triple in the 9th before hitting the walk-off homer in the 11th. He’s the first player in World Series history to have a pair of tying or go-ahead hits in the 9th inning or later of the same game. Only seven others have two such hits in their careers, and only three (Joe Morgan, Roger Peckinpaugh, Tris Speaker) did those within the same series (but in different games).

What Freese and Berkman did in the 9th and 10th innings had only been done two times before in World Series history. Only Otis Nixon in 1992 and Josh DeVoe in 1911 had a game-tying RBI in the 9th inning or later with his team one out from being eliminated. [+]

Game-tying RBI in 9th inning or later – 1 out from World Series Elimination


Lance Berkman 2011 Cardinals David Freese 2011 Cardinals Otis Nixon 1992 Braves Josh DeVore 1911 Giants Close [X]

Coincidentally (not ironically), David Freese was traded to the Cardinals for Jim Edmonds. They are the only two players in franchise history with postseason walk-off home runs in extra innings. [+]

Extra-Inning HR Cardinals Postseason History

Opponent 2011 David Freese Game 6 WS Rangers* 2004 Jim Edmonds Game 6 NLCS Astros* 1964 Tim McCarver Game 5 WS Yankees *Walk-off HR Close [X]

New posts coming

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Sorry nothing new has come out i’m the last 4 days I have been busy. The good news it new posts are coming.  Here is what they’ll be about:


Quad core +1 processors for phones by next year. — we are talking more power than a good laptop but pocket sized.

At least two posts on Obama’s plan to remove tax loopholes, entitlement and increase taxes on the rich. One post supporting this as a good idea one post questioning how effective it will be at fixing our national debt, and possibly one post about how the super rich feel about the tax increase or class warfare in general. 

There will be a review and a link to download the new VLC. media player even though it only in alpha phase it still rocks.

More information on causes for stock market drops and way 12,000 could be a dangerous number for the market to reach.

Finally a special post with highlights from one if the most electrifying football players in the history of college football. As well as a wrap up of the weekends games both pro and college.

As you can see we have great stuff on the way check back by lunch time tomorrow and many will be published by then.

-Thanks to all my readers


Should this most recent moves by the ACC and the PAC 12 force the hand of the B1G (new big ten logo) and the SEC I think the B1G needs to focus on picking up MIZZOU.  The article below shares most of my sentiment, but misses one key point. The University Of Missouri has the best journalism school in the country.  Many of the most famous reporters have graduated from their and having them all become B1G fans could be huge for TV coverage and sports writing coverage.


It feels like eons ago, but in May 2009, I wrote this:

If and when the Big Ten decides to expand, Missouri should be at the top of Delany’s list.

Keep in mind that back then, expansion wasn’t a front-burner issue for the Big Ten and its commissioner, Jim Delany. I reiterated in the post that Notre Dame remained the best realistic addition for the Big Ten (and still does to this day). Regarding Nebraska, the team that eventually joined the league, I expressed reservations about the Huskers’ ability to leave the Big 12.

[+] EnlargeJim Delany

AP Photo/Paul BeatyImportant decisions regarding expansion are on the horizon for Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany.

We all know what happened next. The landscape changed, and the Big Ten made the right call by adding Nebraska. Missouri remained in the Big 12 and came out looking bad after itsgovernor publicly advocated for the school to join the Big Ten. It wasn’t the right approach with the Big Ten, and Missouri took some heat.

Fast-forward to today, where Realignment Round 2 is upon us, and everyone in these parts wants to know what the Big Ten will do. While leagues like the Big Ten and SEC aren’t under the same pressure to react as, say, the Pac-12 and ACC, if the seismic shift is upon us, Delany will have to act.

The commish says he isn’t being proactive at the moment, reiterating that the Big Ten doesn’t need to be reactive to what others are doing.

Yet, if and when Delany does act, Notre Dame should be his top priority. And if the Big Ten adds multiple schools, Missouri should be part of the mix.

I’ve gone back and forth on Missouri, which certainly has some pluses but doesn’t move the needle nationally like some of its former and current Big 12 brethren. The Tigers wouldn’t be a home-run addition like Nebraska or Penn State, but they might be a ground-rule double.

If the Big Ten has to go to 16 teams — and trust me, this would be a reluctant expansion — Missouri brings more value than some other options being discussed.

A few reasons why:

Member of the American Association of Universities

Success in two major sports programs (football and men’s basketball)

Would have natural rivalries with Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska

Has upgraded its facilities, which are some of the best in the Big 12

Has presence both in the St. Louis and Kansas City markets. Should the Big Ten also add Kansas, also an AAU member, it would dominate both markets.
The Big Ten’s East Coast options seem limited after the ACC’s actions both to add teams and to protect itself by raising the exit fee for members. But none of the East Coast options are home runs. A Big Ten that includes both Notre Dame and Penn State is very relevant in New York City and other Eastern markets.

Missouri could be an SEC expansion target as well, but the school seems to be a better cultural fit in the Big Ten. Kansas might not be a bad option, either, as its AAU status and national powerhouse men’s basketball program are two big pluses. If the Big Ten adds both schools, it adds a terrific rivalry.

Again, Notre Dame should be the Big Ten’s top expansion priority if all the complex details of adding the Irish can be worked out. But if a multi-school expansion is on the horizon, and indications are it could be, Missouri should be part of the mix.


Nate Silver, a statistician known for his work on baseball and politics, took on a new challenge in The New York Times this week: figuring out which college football teams are the most popular in the country.

In this article, Silver extrapolates data from Google searches, TV markets and census information to come up with an estimate for the number of fans by team.

Interestingly enough, Silver’s study concludes that the three most popular teams in America all play in the Big Ten. Ohio State is No. 1 with more than 3.1 million fans, followed by Michigan with more than 2.9 million and Penn State at more than 2.6 million. Notre Dame is fourth and Texas is fifth. (Surprisingly, Texas A&M ranks sixth, ahead of every SEC team, which may help explain that conference’s interest in the Aggies).

Silver also lists the popularity of teams by conference. Here is his breakdown of the Big Ten (numbers on the left represent national ranking):

1. Ohio State: 3,167,263
2. Michigan: 2,921,066
3. Penn State: 2,642,275
12. Wisconsin: 1,441,955
15. Iowa: 1,273,954
18. Nebraska: 1,230,558
20. Michigan State: 1,145,819
27. Illinois: 965,087
28. Minnesota: 963,581
44. Indiana: 636,954
46. Purdue: 624,944
54. Northwestern: 514,540

“The Big Ten can afford to be picky,” Silver writes. “Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State are the three most popular college football teams in the country, according to our study. Seven Big Ten teams, including new addition Nebraska, rank in the top 20 nationally. And all but one Big Ten school is in the top 50, the lone exception being Northwestern, which has the Chicago market and strong academics going for it.

“The only plausible additions that would allow the Big Ten to improve upon its average of about 1.5 million fans per team are Notre Dame (2.3 million fans) and Texas (also 2.3 million). But good luck adding those schools.”

And here are some numbers for oft-mentioned Big Ten expansion candidates:

23. Missouri: 1,084,889
32. Rutgers: 937,874
40. Kansas: 768,002
47. Connecticut: 618,724

Silver acknowledges that these numbers are only estimates, but it gives you an idea of where teams stand — and which ones would bring the most attention and eyeballs in an expansion scenario.

This first video is highlights from the junior year of high school of an athlete I have been waiting years to reach college sports.  This is NO JOKE Barry Sanders Jr. Yes he has the same name as his father and judging by these high lights looks to be destine to walk in his fathers footsteps at tail back for a very lucky football coach next year.

Highlights of star wide receiver Dorial Green – Beckham from Hillcrest High School in Springfield, MO. In the top 100 on Dorial passes what recruiter call the eye test with flying colors.  You can watch his highlight real over and over again and he never even looks like he is trying hard.  Basically football comes easy to this kid, and in MO state high school football he is a man among boys.

2010 Highlights of Johnathan Gray, RB from Aledo H.S. This RB just has pure speed. He is gonna be a homerun threat every time he gets the ball.

Hopewell Area HS in Aliquippa Pa. has one of the Nation Top RB, in Jr. Rushel Shell. In two season at Hopewell the Jr. has 4,255 and 43TD!!!! Shell is 5-11, 215 pounds that has size, speed, quickness, power, and etc. Rushel can run between the tackles and can get to the outside in a hurry!!!!! If Shell stays health, this young man will have a great Jr season in 2010 and will be 1 of the Nation top RB in the 2011 Class!!!! Good Luck Rushel Shell!!!!

For the last 3 season this rivalry has been a bit lackluster in terms of the national rankings of the teams, but when it comes to excitement it has been #1.  So far in three season Michigan has found a way to win the game with less than 30 seconds on the clock.  However none of even those close nail biters compared to this years game under the lights for the first time in school history at the BIG HOUSE.

Notre Dame dominated the first half of football, including having a 14-0 lead and a halftime lead of 17-7, which became a 24-7 lead on the opening drive of the 3rd quarter.  With less than 3 min. in the 3rd quarter Denard Robinson started to mount the most unlikely of comebacks.  Out scoring ND 28-7 in the final quarter of the game. To try and put it into words would be a waste, just watch the highlights below.

— Full game in 14 min

Also if you watched the game and thought the crowd looked crazy from the view from your couch check out the videos below to see what it looked like from the stands after this last second touch down was scored.

-Denard to Roundtree 2 seconds left.

You may want to turn down the volume on your computer before you play the videos below.

7 nation army

– TD celebration

– Singing

One last reflection after seeing these crowd videos. If you are a fan, a player, or a coach of another team in the BIG TEN you should start praying now that Michigan doesn’t schedule your game as a night game.  It is listed as the toughest place to play yet but after seeing that video I doubt anyone in the country wants to come play football at night at the BIG HOUSE.




Stay Classy Vancouver!

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As an avid sports fan i can understand the want to riot after a disheartening, embarrassing loss at home for a championship game.  (I mean it looked like Vancouver’s Hockey team showed up just to get blasted.)  But they took this super far and i have lost alot of respect for the Canadian hockey fans.

First I knew it was trouble when they BOOed through the entire stanlet cup trophy presentation. (A real Sign of good sportsmanship and class). Then they BOOed Thomas (the goalie for Boston who swatted away Canucks shot all night like they were from little girls) when he received the MVP trophy. Give me a break how can you boo a player who SHUT YOUR ENTIRE TEAM OUT in game 7 of the finals.

I understand the Canadians are upset with the loss, but blame your own team not the team that was just obviously better.

Reports say that at least 3 Boston Fans were actually stabbed to death after the game in the ensuing riot. (makes me wonder if a Canadian police officer would have even tried to stop them.

PS I hope everyone in the pictures below get arrested…!

Wow didn’t even try to hide his face i hope he knows he will get blamed for all the destruction in the picture behind him.

SEARS has made my blog twice today, i bet these guys were thinking they were sticking it to America.

This reminds me of 4th of July…Yes thats an AMERICAN HOLIDAY (S*ck !t Canada)


The little man in front with the sun glasses is like OH SH!T.

PUJOLS — Dropping In Value?

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Albert Pujols negotiations go. Since his five-homers-in-four-games binge last week, Pujols has stagnated with an OPS at .823. Considering where he was a few weeks ago, it’s a great recovery. Considering where he has been the past 10 years, it’s more on the LeBron side of the Dirk-LeBron Continuum.

Remember, Pujols entered the season in search of $300 million. OnlyAlex Rodriguez(notes) has received a contract for more than $189 million, and both his $250 million and current $275 million deals were so ill-advised and ill-fated that the Beastie Boys could’ve licensed them.

One by one, his potential suitors have picked themselves off. The Chicago Cubs’ debt issues likely prevent them from dropping a Godfather offer on Pujols. The Los Angeles Dodgers’ owner prefers to spend his money on a septuagenarian Russian healer. TheNew York Yankees and Boston Red Sox already locked first basemen into long-term deals and wouldn’t dare lavish a DH with nine figures. All that’s left are the Washington Nationals (linked to Fielder because Boras’ psychic sway over owner Ted Lerner) and the Los Angeles Angels (whose owner, Arte Moreno, no matter how desperate, knows not to break the bank for a 31-year-old first baseman).

This is great news for Cardinals Nation becuase it looks like he might be easier to sign this year than last.

If you think the punishment that USC received for what they allowed Reggie Bush to do while he was in school was harsh, you might want to look away when they drop the bomb in OSU.

This may be one of the worst hammer drops on a program in the history of college football, even surpassing the SMU pay for play scandal.  [Why the OSU case is worse than that of USC ] A recent discovered paper trail of funds from a signature sales men making their way into Pryor’s bank account via CHECK (I mean come on you couldn’t think of a better way to pay him).

If any of this report is true OSU may not even be a factor in college football for years, I am betting a NCAA ban from post season for at least 5 years.  Also I would assume the same offers made to USC players will be available to the current player being allowed to transfer.

This could be a sad day for the BIG10.  Not because everyone likes the F*ckeyes, but because it will seriously hurt the reputation of the conference as a whole.  Also I wonder which Ohio team will pick up the slack on these recruits.

Last years BCs Championship game was #1 vs. #2 but they weren’t just the highest ranked teams for their performance they were also #1 Auburn and #2 Oregon for major violation in NCAA that year.  Does this mean College football has lost its conscience !

“Doesn’t get more “top of the sport” than No. 1 vs. No. 2. The BCS championship game essentially symbolized the season it capped, pitting Auburn — whose Heisman-winning quarterback, Cam Newton, claimed not to know that his father, Cecil, asked Mississippi State for $180,000 for his signature on a letter of intent — against Oregon –which paid $25,000 to a recruiting “consultant” who allegedly had been shopping high-profile recruits among top programs.”

Other Excerpts of cheating from last year:

Reggie Bush returned the Heisman Trophy he won in 2005 after evidence was corroborated that USC boosters were providing his family with cash and even a house.

• A North Carolina assistant resigned and seven Tar Heels players were suspended after admitting illegal contact with an agent. Players at Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina were also suspended for similar violations, usually involving selling tickets or memorabilia or accepting gifts.

• Four former Auburn players revealed during an investigation by cable network HBO that they were provided with several thousand dollars in cash while playing for the Tigers.

• A Sports Illustrated investigation found 56 players with criminal records for violent crimes on the rosters of preseason Top 25 teams, and few schools interested in doing background checks.

• Fiesta Bowl executive director John Junker resigned after directing bowl employees to donate to political candidates and reimbursing them for the donations, a violation of federal campaign law. Junker is now under federal investigation.

• And then there’s Ohio State, where, last December, five players were suspended for five games of the 2011 season — yet were somehow declared eligible for the Sugar Bowl — after federal agents investigating a drug ring discovered they had been selling Buckeyes memorabilia in exchange for tattoos, a breach of NCAA rules. Tressel was warned about the violation via e-mail, but rather than reporting it as he was required to, he denied any knowledge to the school and NCAA investigators. His resignation Monday was the result.

This article does a great job of explaining the real trouble OSU is in.

“All the steady trickle of information that’s come out since has done is confirm what Michigan fans knew in the deepest, most deranged bits of their conspiratorial hearts. ”

Thank MgoBlog