So not often do i agree with anything that comes out of Congress, but this man kills it.  Everything I have shared on this blog about why we have economic problems in the USA summed up into one 25 minute speech.  One of the most important 25 minutes in USA Congress history. Everyone needs to watch this. THESE ARE THE FACTS>

It's Time for Mandatory Voting—And We Have the Technology to Do It

After reading the below linked article, I realized there are still too many people who just don’t get how democracy in the USA works.

“It’s Time for Mandatory Voting—And We Have the Technology to Do It”

Below is my response to the article.

​Totally, wholeheartedly, completely, disagree with the entire idea behind requiring voting.
1st – Most people are not educated enough to make a wise decision with there vote.  If you required them to vote you would just be throwing millions of worthless opinions into the mix
2nd – It is making a statement by not voting.  Since I have been old enough to vote, there have only been a few instances that I supported enough to warrant a vote.  The presidential race has only been once. If it is a topic i don;t care about and would be happy with the vote going either way, why should I have to choose?   Also when it comes to the presidency has any president in your lifetime actually changed anything? Does it truly matter which party is in office? They all have the same agenda anyway its a waste of my time.
3rd – Democracy is a fallacy.  Unless we eliminated congress and require every citizen to vote for every bill, then our broken system will not be fixed by increasing the number of voters. The votes on Capital hill 100% always go to wherever the MONEY comes from.  Not one single person cares what the people think, money talks votes don’t.

So for those of you who have been completely blind for the last 2 years this may come as a shocker to you, BUT… THE FBI VIOLATES YOUR RIGHTS TO PRIVACYON A REGULAR BASIS. Today for the first time they admitted it.


[The FBI Admits It Uses Fake Cell Phone Towers to Track You

Any given time, on any given day, law enforcement could be scooping up your location data using a fake cell phone tower, and you would probably never know about it. In a just-surfaced video from October, however, the FBI has copped to using fake cell phone towers, known as “Stingrays.”

It’s no secret that the FBI uses Stingrays—“cell-site simulator” devices which force all nearby cell phones to connect to it before rerouting traffic through a real cell phone tower—in order to track callers and suspect movements. The American Civil Liberties Union has detailed law enforcement use of the devices, which have been ruled unconstitutional in two states, at length.

But the FBI very rarely talks about the devices, and has even directed local law enforcement departments to notify them whenever media members make Freedom of Information Act requests about the use of Stingrays, in an attempt to keep their use secret.]

Source (

What he is not telling you is that there is no way they can pull this data without it being in bulk.  Basically any and every cell signal that hits the device gets tracked.  It most definitely a BULK drop of information and the fact the he even tried to say it wasn’t shows the FBI is still hiding WAY TO MUCH information about the multiptude of ways they are violating everyone’s RIGHTS!.



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So after more than a year away I decided that tonight is the night to bring the Crazy Sign Guy back from the dead. Posts will start back up on a regular basis in the near future. I have decided the world is still full of sleeping souls and it is time for them to wake up and take responsibility for what they have allowed to happen. The deception of the public has reached an all time high and it has called the crazy sign guy back out of retirement to pull the wool off of the publics eyes and help the see reality for the first time.

It has recently been revealed that Apple is selling all of its users out.  The new finger print scanner that was put in the iPhone 5s was developed by Authentec whose director, Robert E Grady, was a prominent figure within the George Bush administration and is connected with The Carlyle Group, which is a majority shareholder in Booz Allen Hamilton, the NSA contractor with which whistleblower Edward Snowden worked.

Apple’s TouchID technology, reportedly has strong ties to “the most powerful and corrupt Defense Department and Intelligence Community contractors and figures.”

“Ye’ be warned” -DPR

I get it. People want to feel safe. But Seriously WFT America!?! 

I cannot believe this is going on and nothing is being done.  Has it gone so far that nothing can be done?  Are Americans truly this weak now that when their freedom is taken away they just shrug it off. I can barely even understand how something that is this obviously a violation of privacy and our freedoms would even get presented as a logical solution in our capital, much less get passed and renewed over and over again.  

Who are these people in congress that blatantly slaughter our freedom?  This is not about Democrats vs Republicans, This is a battle of USA Government vs The People.  OH Yeah, and the people had no idea a war had even started.  When i say The People I don’t just mean American Citizens, I mean all people.  

This violates the sovereignty of foreign nations and their citizens rights as well. I just can’t believe this is the world we live in now.  A world where privacy and freedom were sacrificed for PROTECTION, yet no one feels safe and their own governments kill them with attacks from the sky (drone strikes).  

I know how some will react to that. Its for our protection.  The government has never bothered me or killed anyone I know with a drone. Ya well what if they did?  What if tomorrow because of something you said in a private conversation with a friend or loved one on the phone the USA government deemed you a threat and you woke up to a drone bombing your house and killing your family.  Sounds horrible right.  Sounds like if you survived people would be on your side and you could take them to court.  

Actually it would be completely legal.  You gave the government that power.  In fact more than half of the country would believe the news reports that call you a terrorist.  Your neighbors would turn on you and you would either be killed or locked up in a secret prison for the rest of your life. 

Pause for a second and RE-READ that above paragraph.  Does that sound like the American dream?  I am pretty sure we as a country have spoken out about this type of human rights violations when they happened in China, or Russia. NOW WE ARE NO BETTER. And we made it LEGAL. 

What happened to “Liberty, and Justice For All”? Are we truly the offspring of the same men who proudly yelled “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”?  Has America fallen so far that words of wisdom from our founding fathers like “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”, fall on deaf ears. I am absolutely is shock.  

Okay America,  you are supposed to be the shining light of Freedom to the world. Your backs are against the wall. Now what do you do?  

If it is anything like what i have seen recently we will bury this story in the news and in a few days no one will even be talking about it anymore.  SHAME ON US. 

Nuclear Family > Single Parent

nc fam 3

Statistically, the biggest predictor of family economic status is not race or geography, but whether households are headed by one parent or two. That’s why a family headed by a single white mother is nearly three times more likely to be poor than a family headed by married black parents. In fact, among all children living with a single mom, well more than a third live in poverty.

Overwhelmingly, one-adult teams occur because two involved parents tried to be a family, but fell apart. Until we address the reality of family breakup and find a way to help, we can’t effectively fight that key cause of family poverty. Today, 41 percent of US babies are born to unmarried mothers – but it’s inaccurate and misleading to call them all single mothers.As shown in a leading study, most unmarried mothers (82 percent) are still romantically involved with the baby’s father when the baby is born, in most cases living together, and the two parents hope and intend to raise their child together. So, in reality, for every 10 American babies, on average, six are born to a married couple, three to an unmarried but involved couple, and only one to a mother not romantically involved with the baby’s father. This presents an important opportunity. Studies show that when parents stay together, most families benefit. Parents tend to get and hold jobs, family wealth increases, kids do better in school, and family members generally report better health and happiness than in single-parent families. Communities gain through higher tax revenue and lower social costs. (excerpt above from

nc fam 5

This bring about a very important question. HOW CAN WE HELP COUPLE WITH NEWLY BORN CHILDREN STAY TOGETHER?

We spend billions on trying to help out single parents with food stamps, welfare, free child care, etc. but we spend almost nothing on helping parents stay together. If the benefits of a 2 parent households are so great than an increase in nuclear families would drop these welfare costs way down. Why are we always so reactionary? We treat the symptom instead of treating the cause. (This is true for our healthcare system as well but that a whole other store.)

Since 2009 (the start of the “Great Recession”) the wealth gap in the USA has grown at an alarming rate. For members of the 1% income has increased by 18% over between 2009 and 2012, for the rest of us a measly 1.8% increase in income. Many think this is a reason to raise taxes and redistribute the wealth to the rest of the country. Most economist even believe a 1% that controls a smaller portions of the wealth (lets say 45%) in a faster growing economy (due to consumer spending which is 70% of our economy) means more money for everyone, including the 1%ers themselves.

So if nuclear families provide greater prosperity for the USA why have we been trending in the other direct? Why would the the people in control be resisting the opportunity to make more money and pay less taxes?

It all comes down to one thing… CONTROL.

Since the late 60’s the war against the family has been raging and the casualties have been high. As stated before almost half of all new born babies are entering into the world without a full nuclear family in place. Many people ask how is this happening? I thought we took steps to fix this with abortion, birth control, sex ED class, etc.?

nc fam 4

When all of the aforementioned steps were taken to fix un-wed pregnancies they happened at a lessor effect. Many believe these things actually have lead to an increase in the problem. Its like the commercial on TV. (if you don’t know these were the anti smoking campaign run by big tobacco as part of their settlement for selling cancer sticks). After the ad campaign had run for several years an independent study was done to see if they were having any effect on lowering teen smoking. The study found it was actually having the opposite effect. Turns out a whole bunch of commercials with people saying the word smoking in it just increased people curiosity and made even more of them give it a try. Many people believe this was the intention of the ads by big tobacco from the get go.

This same logic can be applied to the safe sex, birth control, condoms, abortion, propaganda. It was supposed to make everything better and all it has done is crush the family. I believe the same logic to the tobacco applies, THIS WAS NOT AN ACCIDENT. This gets us back to my reasoning, CONTROL. There are a few things most people can rationalize about this type of control. First the more people who are in one parent households the more of them are poor and poor people are easier to control. Second poor people are on government programs (welfare etc.) which the government hands out so they are basically at the mercy of the USA government. IF the government was to say we have to do this our we will have to cut your welfare, then all of the people dependent on welfare are instantly on the side of that governmental decision because people don’t want to lose their benefits.

However I have a 3rd and more sinister reason for destroying the Nuclear family. ISOLATION. It is part of the government interrogation process. It has been studied in great depth, and has even been considered torture in some countries. What do we do to a criminal who we can’t fully control? What do we do to a terrorist we are trying to scare into giving us information? Its the one constant we keep across how we react to all of our enemies. ISOLATION. Its rooted in the subconscious of all humans. We are social creatures and it is psychologically damaging to isolate us. People who feel like they are alone or don’t fit in are the easiest to control. At very young ages the out cast of a class tends to be the easiest student to manipulate into getting into trouble. this has been proven time and time again over many studies. Most people consider it common knowledge. It is the perfect weapon of control. It has been blasted into pop culture with music, TV, Media, and now social media. (new studies show those who use Facebook on a regular basis are twice as likely to feel isolated than those who don’t, Google it) And what is the one place where all people feel like they belong, in their nuclear family. It was the logical next target. Without the family there is no safe harbor to be yourself and not have to worry about receiving cultural backlash. It is a place to learn and to grow with moral fiber, and it is being OBLITERATED right before our eyes.

nc fam 2


This all seems well and good but when you actually look at it, you realize how daunting a task it will be. I offer a few ideas on how we can start heading in the right direction.

1.) Remove barriers to marriage. Many new parents decide – sometimes even the very day a child is born – that they want to marry, or at least to have the father legally acknowledge paternity. While not magically creating a stable family, these decisions offer legal protections and practical benefits.Yet, in most states, these tools are not easily available to new parents. Marriage may require a trip to a courthouse, payment of a license fee, a waiting period, a blood test, and a second trip to a judge or pastor. Procedures to acknowledge paternity may be obscure and legalistic. A couple who already has a mutual child and is eager to formalize their family, is making a responsible choice that should be encouraged. There are many simple ways to help them, such as streamlining marriage and paternity laws, and making marriage licenses and paternity forms available at all birthing hospitals. BRING BACK THE TAX BREAK FOR GETTING MARRIED, IN FACT MAKE IT EVEN BIGGER SO PEOPLE HAVE A STRONG FINANCIAL INCENTIVE TO GET MARRIED.

2.) Teach relationship classes. Along with sex ed. We spend so much time on teach children how to have safe sex, but we never teach the about when to have sex, why to have sex, or how to have a strong healthy relationship. If being part of a nuclear family is the largest factor for being poor or not poor how can we leave this out of our children’s education.

nc fam1

3.) Family propaganda. Where are the shows on TV about a strong nuclear family? Why aren’t dads heroes anymore? How about a song about being happily married? Sending a positive message to media can make wanting a nuclear family cool again. There is no need to always have such poor messages on main stream media.

4.) Be a good example for your kids. This may be the biggest issue, that is PARENTS NOT WANTING TO BE PARENTS. If you are parent please realize you are raising the future of the world. I know its tough and no one is perfect, but if you find yourself making life changing decisions based on what YOU WANT INSTEAD OF WHATS BEST FOR YOUR CHILD STOP IT. You gave them life and brought them into the worlds. They are your own flesh and blood and nothing should ever be more important to you than them. I can’t tell you how much it breaks my heart every time I hear a story about a parent neglecting their children. IT IS YOUR DUTY TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOUR KIDS IT IS NOT OPTIONAL. Also if you see a parent doing something like this, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Either say something yourself or call the cops. The absence of a good deed in the face of evil is evil itself. Remember that.

Ok. That’s all I have for you, but if you want to read more about trends causing the colaps of the family check out some links below.

Post about social media


So what’s with this new trend of home screen flaunting?  Had anyone else notice this new trend? Is been pretty hard to miss lately as I have seen them shared on XDA forums,  Google+ post and even saw a new big emerge MyColorScreen.

(If you ever have an iPhone user tell you Android isn’t  beautiful direct them to this site, it’s pretty impressive)

Click for More Screen Detail
Click for More Screen Detail

Well I am guess i am assuming that if you own an iPhone you wouldn’t have any idea because they all look the same, but Windows and Android users would relate.

So after looking at a few of them today and seeing hundreds of home screens over the years I decided no one has one just like me. Time to join the home screen showoff party. Maybe this is the beauty of home screen art.  It never looks the same.  Now mine isn’t as artsy as some you will see but to me functionality is its beauty.  I’d you want to know anything about what you see below leave a comment.

First the lock screen.


Screen Previews

Now I will run through each screen starting with my default screen.










I achieved this look with Holo Launcher HD as my launcher. Widgetzoid for the highly functional default screen widget(green). 1Weather for the cool weather widget.  And a jedi rom for the rest of the customization. UCCW for the custum clock widget on the home screen.

Think your Homescreen is better shoot me an email @

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Pros- thing this has a beautiful 10 in screen and  a quad core processor that will stand the test of time.  Great software support from Samsung. A 5 mega pixel rear facing camera.  The newest Android software.  This tablet coups fully replace a laptop. 

Oh and the best part it has a stylus you can use like a pen on the screen turning the whole thing into an interactive note pad. (Hence the name)

Cons – $499.99 prove tag.  Make sure you get a screen protector and a case to protect this investment. 

Full review here –

2. Google Nexus7

Pros-its only $200 its fully supported by Google which means it will get the latest software updates for at least 3 years. Has a beautiful screen.  7 inch tablets travel nice.

Cons- its only got a tegra3 processor so it might start to feel slow in the next year or two. It’s got no fear facing camera.  Only a front facing one for video chat,  so if you plan on taking pictures with it this is not the tablet for you. 

Full review here –

3. Google Nexus 10

Pros – This is a bigger version of the nexus7 listed above.  It’s also had a rear facing 5 mega pixel camera which the smaller version is missing. 

Cons- almost as expensive at the Samsung Note 10.1 but lacks the good processor and the stylus. 

Full review here –

I would look to buy the Samsung tablet listed below on Amazon it comes in either wifi only or one you can buy a cell days service for.  Personally I would go with the wifi only version because you can always use your phone as a mobile hot spot to get it Internet on the go if you need it.  The nexus tablets I would buy directly from Google to avoid any distributor markup.  (