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Finally all of the Apple Fan Boys will realize what they have been missing. Google Music is way better than iTunes.  There are a few reason why that you can realize right from the start.

1st– The service itself is free.  Apple is going to charge for their online storage service and you won’t even be able to stream the music live you will have to download the files to play them on your iPhone and will still need to take up valuable space on your phones internal storage.

2nd– Google Music let you stream you cloud music directly to your phone.  I used to worry about the space available on my phone.  I would carry around between 8-16 gigabytes of music with me everywhere I went just in case I suddenly had the urge to hear a song that may not have been on my phone.  This problem is fixed with Google Music.  I now keep about 1000 songs downloaded to my phone at a time just for when I am out of service. The rest of my 15,000 song library can be kept on the cloud of Google Music and accessed whenever I get that one obscure song stuck in my head.

3rd– Forget wireless transfer like what will be finally offered with the next iOS update.  With Google Music you can transfer music to your phone over cellular data.  If for instance i know i will be going somewhere that has bad cell service i can set up Google Music in the App to make more of my Online Library available offline and save it onto my phone. Apple is at least 2 years behind on this technology and is one of the best features.

4th– FREE MUSIC. Google Music so far has given me about 500 free songs.  Most of them are great and quite a few of them were from bands i had not heard of. Which is pretty impressive considering the massive size of my library.

5th– This may be one of the most important feature of Google Music.  The actual software and programming is better.  No it doesn’t look as clean cut and as polished as iTunes does, but it works way faster.  The Google Music app can stream music faster to my phone than my iPhone could play it off the internal storage, And I don’t even need to get started about iTunes.  If you have Chrome on your computer iTunes can’t even compare.  Google Music is just a website you log in to and start playing your music. A Full functioning player based on the web, iTunes could take a few minutes to load up and do all of its check before it runs smoothly this is just simply not the case with Google Music.


Google Music Comes to iOS with a Pretty Decent Web App

Google seems to pick and choose when they’ll make a native app and when they’ll go the web route with iOS. For Google Music, which is still in beta, they chose the web app route and it’s actually still pretty good.

It’s all powered within the Safari browser, you can swipe left, swipe right to jump between categories like Artists, Albums, Songs, etc. The songs stream from the cloud and even play in the background even when you close Safari. [Google Music viaTechCrunch]


I received the below message from Google in my email suggesting I check out another service that has been piggy backed onto Google Music called Magnifier.  When I got to the site there was a ton of free music to download. Most of it was selected do to how my ratings were picked in my Google Music library (Thumbs up or Thumbs down).  It also has featured artists and was an all in all pretty good music review blog. Bur I will admit it was the FREE? MUSIC that made this trip worth the while.

Announcing Magnifier, our new music discovery site

When we launched Music Beta four months ago, we wanted to help users fall in love with their music again by removing the hassles of digital music management. We’re now taking that idea one step further with the launch of Magnifier, Music Beta’s new music discovery site.

Each and every day, our team of music experts will highlight new, free music on Magnifier. Sometimes it will be songs you haven’t heard of by artists you have. Sometimes it will be new artists we think deserve more attention. And sometimes there will be video interviews and live performances.

But you can always count on the following:

  • You can add any or all of the songs to your Music Beta library instantly
  • You can do this for free
  • The artist is being featured because someone on our team thinks they’re pretty great

— Tim Quirk, Head of Music Programming