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This is this most electrifying and exciting football player I have ever seen.  Last Season he rushed for over 1700 yards and passed for almost 3000 yards.  So far this season he has had over 100 passing and 100 yards rushing each game and it is his first season in this new style of offense.  No one has this kind of speed. I mean NO ONE.  Not to mention he plays QB.  Check out the videos below which show case some of Shoe Laces extraordinary plays.

This week in college football there were a couple of very interesting games.  First the Win by Oklahoma State Over Texas A&M puts them in the title mix because of a very favorable schedule.  They may only be challenged again this season by Oklahoma which is the very last game of the year.  This however also holds true for Oklahoma which means the winner of the big in state rivalry could be going to the national championship.

Also the ACC got blown wide open this weekend by the big win by Clemson over Florida State.  Clemson has looked good in the first part of the season this year and is a legit contender for the ACC title.  All though any team trying to take the ACC title from Virginia Tech is fighting an uphill battle.

And Of course there were big wins in the B1G conference again.  Michigan lead by the man in all these highlights looked great against a strong SDSU squad winning by a large margin and entering Big 10 play 4-0 again. The Illini, the Corn Huskers, and the Badgers also had big wins this weekend. Which sets up an awesome welcome to the B1G league opening game for Nebraska, playing at Wisconsin in a battle of undefeated teams.

The SEC looks like it will be a two horse race again with LSU and Alabama leading by bunches over the rest.  Somehow the MadHatter and the NFL coach are it it again even in a rebuilding years for the SEC.


This first video is highlights from the junior year of high school of an athlete I have been waiting years to reach college sports.  This is NO JOKE Barry Sanders Jr. Yes he has the same name as his father and judging by these high lights looks to be destine to walk in his fathers footsteps at tail back for a very lucky football coach next year.

Highlights of star wide receiver Dorial Green – Beckham from Hillcrest High School in Springfield, MO. In the top 100 on Dorial passes what recruiter call the eye test with flying colors.  You can watch his highlight real over and over again and he never even looks like he is trying hard.  Basically football comes easy to this kid, and in MO state high school football he is a man among boys.

2010 Highlights of Johnathan Gray, RB from Aledo H.S. This RB just has pure speed. He is gonna be a homerun threat every time he gets the ball.

Hopewell Area HS in Aliquippa Pa. has one of the Nation Top RB, in Jr. Rushel Shell. In two season at Hopewell the Jr. has 4,255 and 43TD!!!! Shell is 5-11, 215 pounds that has size, speed, quickness, power, and etc. Rushel can run between the tackles and can get to the outside in a hurry!!!!! If Shell stays health, this young man will have a great Jr season in 2010 and will be 1 of the Nation top RB in the 2011 Class!!!! Good Luck Rushel Shell!!!!

For the last 3 season this rivalry has been a bit lackluster in terms of the national rankings of the teams, but when it comes to excitement it has been #1.  So far in three season Michigan has found a way to win the game with less than 30 seconds on the clock.  However none of even those close nail biters compared to this years game under the lights for the first time in school history at the BIG HOUSE.

Notre Dame dominated the first half of football, including having a 14-0 lead and a halftime lead of 17-7, which became a 24-7 lead on the opening drive of the 3rd quarter.  With less than 3 min. in the 3rd quarter Denard Robinson started to mount the most unlikely of comebacks.  Out scoring ND 28-7 in the final quarter of the game. To try and put it into words would be a waste, just watch the highlights below.

— Full game in 14 min

Also if you watched the game and thought the crowd looked crazy from the view from your couch check out the videos below to see what it looked like from the stands after this last second touch down was scored.

-Denard to Roundtree 2 seconds left.

You may want to turn down the volume on your computer before you play the videos below.

7 nation army

– TD celebration

– Singing

One last reflection after seeing these crowd videos. If you are a fan, a player, or a coach of another team in the BIG TEN you should start praying now that Michigan doesn’t schedule your game as a night game.  It is listed as the toughest place to play yet but after seeing that video I doubt anyone in the country wants to come play football at night at the BIG HOUSE.