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How many people are “lakers” out there?

NO I DO NOT MEAN THE BASKETBALL TEAM.  I mean people who like water and or visit a lake for fun.  If this is you then this blog is right up your alley.

Maybe we should start of with what LAKED is.  In order to understand you must first realize what leads to LAKED, which is actually a side effect of LAKEYNESS.

LAKEYNESS, by definition, is an adrenalin rush characterized, by excitement, exhaustion , fun, and calmness all at the same time.

Therefore LAKED, by definition is the feeling of withdrawal you receive after an extended, or binge period, of lakeyness.

Yes most man made lakes are more like giant flooded rivers, but they can still be wonderfully beautiful relaxing and almost therapeutic.

Sometimes the perfect cure to get away from it all and straighten out your life is to spend a few days forgetting about all the stress and clear your mind.

The sound of the engine, the feeling of the lake air in your face all lead to the ability to unwind and relax.

Then somewhere between warm lake water….

The Swim Up Bar

The boats that go 208 mph at the Shootout (

You find LAKEYNESS, and for a short time period in life all of the stress and pressure of real life disappear and you can be at peace in the moment.