In 2011 there were 8,775 people in the USA killed by firearms. (

There are over 310 million registered guns in the USA. Yeah, thats right enough for almost every person to own 1 weapon.  (

Our own “Homeland Security” just bought 950 million rounds of assault rifle ammunition to use to control the population of the USA. (

However a closer look at the numbers will show you some facts. 
If the above mentioned murders all took place with a different gun for each one the equation below would show the ratio of gun used for murder vs guns owned. 



This shows that less than three ten thousandth of a percent of fire arms in the USA are used for murdering. 

If this doesn’t show you that guns aren’t the problem than nothing will. 


This is true with drug addiction, alcoholism, and I believe violence.

We are obviously failing our young male population.  To the point where to often they are lashing out violently at innocent victims. 

I know it is easier for people to want to say Adam Lanza (the shooter in CT) was a lost cause or was mentally disabled or whatever you want to say,  but the kid needed help and we as a society failed him.  Let’s stop this culture of “the blame game” and start taking  responsibility for our societies actions.  This is not the guns fault. This is our fault for letting someone who so obviously needed help fall through the cracks and it cost us all tragically.
I am open to any and all suggestions. Let’s have a really discussion about how to save these young men. Let’s turn this tragedy into a turning point where we find a solution to this tensing problem. Let’s do this for the families, for the children and for our future.

So I know it has been a while since I shared a new post with everyone, but with all of the election garbage going on and my busy personal life i just haven’t had the time, or maybe there just hasn’t been anything worth writing about…either way today i cam across something straight out of the future.


With the ever increasing power of computer processor we have been able to accomplish some pretty amazing feats, maybe the most amazing is mapping the human G-Nome.  Well soon this new technology is going to lead to a dark fear filled future for anyone with any sort of enemy.

Article below as seen on Gawker.

“n this month’s issue of the Atlantic, there’s an interesting theory put forth in a story about biowarfare. Drawing on advances in genome decoding, the previous revelations that any stray materials containing the president’s DNA are frequently destroyed, and that Hilary Clinton has ordered the collection of DNA from other foreign leaders, the Atlantic posits the idea that the next evolution in biowarfare will be thedevelopment of personalized bioagentsdesigned to attack specific strands of DNA. The strands of world leaders.”

Could DNA Hacking Be Used to Wipe Out World Leaders?

Basically, we have developed the ultimate weapon.  It is precise, leaves no evidence and doesn’t destroy any infrastructure, or cause any collateral damage.  It is a bio weapon the kills a specific DNA. It can be used to kill a specific person or a certain type of person.  Basically this is Hitler’s Dream WEAPON.  

So next time you are afraid your computer password got hacked take a deep breath and relax.  At least it wasn’t your DNA.  Also it has made me think twice about throwing out that paper cup or that tissue into the trash.  In the year to come protecting your DNA might be more important than protecting your passwords.

Excerpt from Gawker Article and link to the Atlantic’s piece, below:

The piece is largely speculative, but it does look at recent developments to stitch together a handful of logical reasons why we might actually see this pop up in the future:

  • Improved ability in genome decoding: In 1998 it took $300 million and two years to decode a human genome. This year, a human genome can be decoded in a couple of days for as little as $1000. In a few years, it will only cost $500 (who knows, it could end up taking MINUTES). And now the same man responsible for decoding the human Genome, Craig Venter, has created a synthetic chromasome capable of replicating itself. The delivery method for destruction exists.
  • Internet crowdsourcing: You don’t need to be a PhD level nerd to hack together a catastrophic bioweapon. You can draw from a plethora of information available on the web, or databases of gene sequences which are made available from previous public projects. Once you’ve hacked togther a genome, it’s extremely easy to have it printed by a DNA lab.
  • Cheap cost of technology: You can acquire all the technology required to grow, sequence and develop a blueprint of a genome for under $10,000.
  • Rise of the digital black market: Criminals know how to use the internet to their benefit as well as researchers and corporations. Guns and drugs can be easily had on the internet right this moment. If the genome of a world leader were to leak, containing that data would be tough.
  • Tricky defense: Although there would be ways to prevent the escape of information, the durability DNA means that an evildoer could find genetic material from someone’s past and decode that. Or a government could begin collecting material long before that person becomes a significant player on the international stage.

Long story short, we’ve only scratched the surface of biowarfare. And when we get deep into its belly, it could make for a scary future. Read the rest of the piece over at [The Atlantic]”

I would like to start by saying I AM NOT A SUPPORTER OF MITT ROMNEY. (nor Obama)

Today all the rage on the blogosphere is about how ol’ Mitt lashed his tongue and the less privileged.  I think its a bunch of garbage and a stupid thing to stay, but he was at least on the right train of thought. 

Do his statements help or hurt his chances?

To my understanding the fact about, 47% of the population has taken some sort of federal support from the government, is true. I do not have a problem with him calling out the people who “think they are victims”. I think way to many people decided long ago that their life was going to come easy and money and iPhones were going to rain down from the sky on them without them having to do any work for them.  Its one of the biggest problems i see in youth today and it comes from most of their parents.  Entitlement! And when what they feel they are entitled to doesn’t come easily to them, they instantly become a victim.  Its like they can’t believe that after all of the lack of work they have done they didn’t reach their goals. Goals are met by hard work, long hours, and practice.  America was not built on the backbones of freeloaders it was built on the backs of hard workers and innovators.

I do however think it might be the dumbest thing ever for him to think…

“I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” -Romney

First, the idea that people cannot change for the better is sickening to me.  How can you rule out 47% of the USA population as failures so easily? Mitt, you are only playing to the victimization they already feel. If they truly cannot be turned around THAN THE TRULY ARE VICTIMS.

Secondly, a Man (or Woman, not in the election though) who makes his goal to convince the population to take personal responsibility and care for their lives, is a man who is worthy of being president of the USA. In fact that is exactly what you should be trying to do. 

I would becoming the biggest supporter in the world of the first Politician who runs on the platform of just that. It would be a breath of fresh air for the USA to put some of its wasted tax money into “Convincing People to Take Personal Responsibility and Care For Their Lives” In fact this should be a class taught in high school…

It would be called “ITS YOUR LIFE TAKE CONTROL OF IT” and be required to pass in order to graduate. 

We need to stop giving money to problem citizens of the country and start invest time and education into fixing the problems. I am not going to get into the list of things I think are problems, but I wanted to clarify I do not blame this on people, I blame this on the lack of motivation, education, and circumstance that holds these people back from being successful.  I wouldn’t even mind if I had to pay higher taxes if instead of a welfare check, people got a life coach.


A life coach who:

Came and woke them up every morning EARLY.

Helped them apply for JOBS get needed EDUCATION.

Or whatever else they needed help with to become a PRODUCTIVE MEMBER OF SOCIETY.

Just STOP giving them money to buy drugs and booze. I know some of you will say, “Not everyone on a social benefit program is buying drugs and booze”. I say you are correct, but how many of them own iPhones or flat screen TV’s. That is besides the point anyway, because if someone who is collecting from the government is actually trying to better their life,  they should have no issue with a life coach coming and helping them succeed at it.


What we are doing right now “Is like burning money to stay warm instead of paying the gas bill”. 

Diamonds for everyone and they are all worth about as much as sand.

[Edit: these diamonds are actually so far only industrial grade so the will not be used in jewelry Huffington Post Article

But don’t get me wrong this will still largely effect the price of the stones.]


Remember about 5 months ago when a few of the largest diamond companies that were still privately owned all of a sudden sold out and cashed in on the value of their company?  I DO.

This is why. That huge diamond engagement ring you bought your lover that cost you at least a few paychecks, well the diamond is probably worth as much as any old rock in your backyard now.


Oh ya and all of the R&D money put into creating lab diamonds, that was a waste as well.


Come to Russia (AKA Super Shady Land) and buy diamonds for as cheap as sand. Basically they have an entire desert of them, and they have been laughing all the way to the bank since the 1970’s.

Russia Announces It has been hiding a 3,000 year supply of diamonds for 4 decades.


Look at all the awesome “NEW” features Apple is offering. #iPhone5


…..Whoa hold on a second….Who is COPYING who here…. Seems like EVERY SINGLE THING Apple announced today is a direct rip off of an Android feature. #boycottApple


I am having deja vu…. didnt Apple do this last year as well and declare it all as NEW technology. Lol.

Btw if you want all of these features PLUS a better camera and a bigger screen check out the Samsung Galaxy SIII or the HTC ONE X. Both will only cost you $100.00. … which is half of what the iPhone5 costs.

Oh ya and you don’t have to use iTunes or plug you phone into your computer EVER with android.

Can’t wait to see the millions of idiots that buy this phone just because it has the cool laser burn of the Apple on the back lol.

I miss the old days when these announcements actually had revolutionary technology. BY THE WAY THE PICTURE AT THE TOP IS THE iPHONE 4S,  I bet know one could even tell. Just for comparison below is the iPhone5.


Please before you buy this phone read the posts below from over a year ago showing you cheaper alternatives to the iPhone that have all the same functionallity.


Best phones for your $


The story below was reported by people covering a hacker convention in NYC. Most of you have some idea that the USA government is spying on your electronic activities, but I bet you never even imagined it went this far. Basically every single thing you have ever posted, emailed, uploaded, text, and even spoke through any electronic device since at least 2001 has been saved and cataloged by the NSA. Oh yeah they know your whole life story. See the post presentation interview below and the story that was originally seen on AMERICA FIRST

This weekend in New York City was a three-day hackers’ conference called HOPE Number 9 which is only held every two years; HOPE stands for “Hackers on Planet Earth” and there’s always a lot of great info that comes out
of it.

One of the quotes floating around in regard to #HOPE9 came from Founder and CEO of Pallorium Inc’s Steven Rambam as “Rambam’s first law: All databases will eventually be used for unintended purposes.” This is the same man who spoke at the 2008 HOPE about “Privacy is dead – Get over it.” In regard to this year, you will probably find private investigator Rambam’s newest revelations coming soon to 2600. Surveillance is one of those purposes that databases may be used for and NSA whistleblower William Binney knows plenty about domestic spying.

Binney was at HOPE and while his entire keynote is not yet posted, journalist Geoff Shively and Livestreamer Tim Pool had an opportunity to speak with Binney about NSA spying. As you may recall, after covering the NATO protests, Pool and Shively were two of the journalists harassed by Chicago cops. In the short video interview, Binney explained a bit more about the NSA spying on Americans:

“Domestically, they’re pulling together all the data about virtually every U.S. citizen in the country and assembling that information, building communities that you have relationships with, and knowledge about you; what your activities are; what you’re doing. So the government is accumulating that kind of information about every individual person and it’s a very dangerous process.” He estimated that one telecom alone was sending the government an “average of 320 million logs every day since 2001.”


Who here remembers the good ole GIF?

If you don’t know what I am talking about please reference [Just Some GIFs For Fun]

These fun low quality animations were all the rage back in the days of GeoCites, and again for a while during the MySpace era. Well its looks like they are coming back again, and this time gaining steam with the youngsters and their smart phone.

If you haven’t noticed them replacing peoples profile pictures on twitter yet you soon will. How to make your twitter avatar a GIF.

Twitter GIF

That is where this new social network comes in. GIFBOOM, makes creating, sharing and networking with GIF loving fools everywhere simple and easy and completely functional on any decent smart phone.

Link to PlayStore GIFBOOM


So Google finally got its act together and finished “officially” purchasing Motorola. For some reason everyone is making this out to be all about the patents. I will agree a large factor of why the deal got done so fast last August was do to the patents, but these were not as much to protect current technologies and code as it was to protect the future of Google. Specifically, Google+, Chrome OS, and Android.

This comes down to possibly the most important and over looked Android Device released ever, which came out in the spring of 2011 and was largely considered a flop. The Motorola ATRIX 4G.


I know I know a ton of you just went WTF this guy is crazy… But hear me out.

Google has been working on two fronts lately with Chrome OS and Android OS. But the real question is why? Again this comes back to what Google saw in the ATRIX. Its all about THE WEBTOP! In the near future (Q4 2012) the new ATRIX 3 should be launching, and will be the game changer. Everyone loved the idea of having a phone that opperated as both a phone and a desktop/laptop computer, that the ATRIX provided. However it was poorly implemented.


NOW imagine that same system only running, JellyBean as the phone OS and Chrome OS as the webtop OS. Suddenly its as if the seas have parted, the clouds have cleared and the future vision of Google has come clearly into sight.



Now that you can see the future of Google back to why they needed Motorola to do this. Motorola owns the patents on the software used to connect the dual booted OS’s. They call it WEBTOP CONNECTOR and it allows for whatever you were working on in the webtop OS to easily be transfered to the phone OS or the car doc OS and vice versus. This means if you are using your phone as a desktop computer and you take it from the dock the web page, word doc, power point, etc, is transfered into the phone OS instantly and seamlessly so you can take it with you and continue working on it on the fly.

(Hold on a second how many people new the ATRIX could do that?)

This is where the future of mobile computing is going and Google now owns the rights to it.


The article below is informative on the smaller issues, but i thought they missed the big point discussed above.

Android Police: Google And Motorola’s Shotgun Wedding Is Final – And It’s Definitely Going To Change Things For Android




Google executive confirms convergence of Chrome OS and Android.


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So as you know back like 10 months ago I said this would be coming. 


It looks like I was right! GOOGLE GLASSES are on there way. And it just give us one more thing we can say “LETS SEE YOUR iPHONE DO THIS…” to.


Check out the demo video below.

Google Glasses Demo on YouTube.

The Hackers Are #WINNING!

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After one of the largest Hacker Round ups by the FBI last week, it looks like it may have just all been for show. 

In an article posted today in The WSJ “US Outgunned In Hacker War” , the former head of the FBI Cyber Defense Department has stepped basically admitting defeat. Now he wouldn’t say that directly, but he said “We Are NOT Winning!”.  Which is a pretty powerful stance from the guy who is supposed to be in charge of making the Goverment Win.

James A. Lewis, a senior fellow on cybersecurity at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said that as gloomy as Mr. Henry’s assessment may sound, “I am actually a little bit gloomier. I think we’ve lost the opening battle [with hackers].” Mr. Lewis said he didn’t believe there was a single secure, unclassified computer network in the U.S.”

Watch his anoucement here –>

So I hearby offer my congrats to the hackers of the world, you have one thw first battle, and may have already won the war.

Now What will you do with the spoils of the war?  Hopefully something good, like try to get rid of some of the corruptions in the world.